Matt and I talked a lot about saving money.  We talked about it like we really meant it.  If you had listened to our conversations, you would have thought we were going to cut our budget deeply, pay off debts, and put loads of money away.  We wanted to mean it for about five years.  We did not spend on outrageously expensive items, we just wasted it on little things here and there.  Above all, we wasted money eating at restaurants.

Our daughter Ryman turned one in February, and we now realize how fast time flies.  For us it’s no longer a matter of wanting to save money.  We must.  As a result we have challenged ourselves to cut out the thing that caused such a drain on our finances…restaurants.  Beginning March 1, 2011, we will not be eating anything that has not been purchased at a grocery store and fixed at home, for an entire year.  Join us as we walk down this road that I’m sure will have lots of interesting twists and turns.


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