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The Date That Almost Wasn’t

A word to all couples without kids…go on dates…go on lots of  dates.  When you have a child, somehow the weekly date night will disappear if you’re not careful.  This winter and early spring, Matt and I were not careful.  We realized last week that we had not gone on a date since sometime in January!  We let lots of different things get in the way.  Plus, we really like doing things with Ryman.  We weren’t opposed to having some time alone, but we just didn’t make it a priority.

We finally had enough.  On Friday, I called my mom, apologized for the short notice, and asked if Ryman could spend some time with her Mimi and Papa Saturday.  Thankfully, they didn’t have any plans, so we were all set.  Then, we just had to decide what to do.  Our typical date would be dinner somewhere.  Carabba’s was the usual, where we would briefly discuss ordering something new, but inevitably we would both order Spiedino di Mare.  (If you’ve never eaten it before, and don’t have a seafood allergy, drop what you’re doing.  Go now.  You will thank me.)  Then we would end up at a movie, and even though we had just eaten an incredible meal, seriously over-priced popcorn was always a must.

Saturday night, we were at a loss for how to do a date without going out to eat.  I know that sounds lame,  but somehow we couldn’t figure out a good way to work dinner into the equation.

Do we want to eat before we leave to take Ryman to my parents?  No, that’s way too early.

Do we want to come back home after we drop Ryman off at my parents?  No, that amount of driving back and forth doesn’t make sense.

Do we just bring food to my parent’s house and eat there?  No, that’s strange.

Do we eat in the car after we drop her off?  No, that’s not very date-like.

Mind you, we still didn’t have any plans for what to do after dinner.  No movies sounded interesting, and we weren’t feeling very creative.  We just couldn’t get past the dinner issue.  So, I called my mom to tell her we were going to forget about it for tonight, and reschedule when we had a better plan.  Thankfully, she didn’t answer.  When she called back, Matt answered the phone, and my mom asked if we had figured out what we wanted to do for our date.  He only said, “No.”  He didn’t cancel yet.  Then, she gave him the perfect solution!

When he got off the phone, he told me that we were leaving as soon as I could get ready.  He kept my mom’s suggestion a surprise.  After we dropped Ryman off at their house, he told me the plan.  We were on our way to Arrington Vineyards!

Kix Brooks' second career.

Each weekend, Arrington hosts Music In The Vines.  It is an opportunity to bring a picnic, sit out on their lawn, and listen to great music all evening.

Our spot by the grapes.

While I was getting ready, Matt made salads and sandwiches for us and packed it all in our picnic basket.  When we got the basket as a wedding gift almost seven years ago, I loved it, but had totally forgotten about it because we just didn’t ever use it.

The forgotten picnic basket.

We had a wonderful evening eating, drinking some great wine, and swinging on one of the many porch swings hanging from the trees around the lawn.  We watched the sun go down, and enjoyed spending uninterrupted time with each other.


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